A plain good idea. Anything on the site under $25 ships free. Why would I want this, you ask? Think of all the time and money and time spent gathering materials for, assembling, and distributing gift bags for literally any occasion. Instead, send all your Bachelorettes the same spa kit, or what suits her, without buying in bulk and repackaging. Or white elephant gifts for work. Don’t by $50 worth of gag gifts when you really only want to spend $25, but yah know … the free shipping…. EXACTLY.

Or a little enamel pin to your friend who just graduated. Nothing big, but you Wan him to know you’re think of him. $100 later …. he now has a beanie, a commemorative glass AND a pin. So unnecessary.

We only ship in the US right now because we are still getting the wind under our wings. 25belowshipsfree is run by a savvy SAHM (stay at home mom). Cassandra Hall is a mother of 2, wife to her One, licensed in Occupational Therapy, 3-time entrepreneur, and has even more big ideas in her bag of tricks.

This idea came from trying to throw a virtual birthday party during the pandemic. I still wanted everyone to have similar plates, napkins, game pieces, goodie bags, etc. I even made volcano themed cupcakes. I drove to all my friends and family and dropped off their party paks one by one. I like driving, but dang. I thought why AREN’T people just shipping straight to their loved ones or other gift recipients? Why? The free shipping. So here you go. Free Shipping on novelty items, others are more of a necessity, but that’s for you to decide.