In 2018, CH Creative started its first product line, Charmlettes. Out of Baltimore, MD, Cassandra Hall owns and operates CH Creative as a framework to bring innovative ideas to the world. Focusing on product development at the start, CH Creative does the research and brings products to market that consumers need, but have a hard time finding or may not yet exist. CH Creative has a unique position due to the founder’s vision of using all her brain waves to benefit humanity with the expertise she has gained in areas of design, manufacturing, marketing, direct patient care, caregiver training, and her G-d-given talent for good ideas.

Products developed by CH Creative will pair with initatives that support industry in underserved populations. The first such initiative shall be to incorporate virtual sewing instruction with providing work and skills to women re-entering the workforce after incarceration. Later, we would like to reach out to the Handi-cap population. To that end, initial product development efforts will focus on in-home production methods incl. cut and sew, molding, unique applied artwork, aka advanced handi-craft. 


Cassandra Hall 

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