New Product Launch

As news of the pandemic sent Americans into a shopping frenzy, I had a few days to think about how I could make the world a better place with this virus going around. I could have made masks. I tried to go back to work in skilled nursing facilities doing Occupational Therapy. Before I knew […]

Celebrate Relationship Successes

I feel spoiled lately. It’s a very new feeling. We are finally in a place where we are breaking the paycheck-to-paycheck rat race. I shattered some sort of ghetto-girl glass ceiling by getting my first brand new pair of UGGs (as my house shoes, so they don’t get messed up). It deserves so many exclamation […]

In Memorial

This Sunday, May 26th, 2019, my family and I held a memorial dinner for my grandparents. They passed within months of each other. It was hard for their families, but for the widower, the harshest reality had come to pass. No one blamed my grand father for the conscientious objection to his own breathing. He […]

Introducing you to Charmlettes

Charmlettes are elastic jewelry that doubles as hair accessories. Bracelets are hair ties and necklaces are also headbands. They are fairly versatile. Several other uses have been found for them as bookmarks, fan pulls, and napkin rings, among others. Back in 2012, light-years ago, I had an idea. I had always liked the idea of […]