Lion bracelet




CH Creative chose this piece to include in our List because it has such a classic appeal with a little teeth. We especially like the miniature scale of the lion head casting. As a parent, I particularly like the idea of having this cuff bracelet as a totem for the family, especially if your crest includes Lions. Also, the roaring Lion has strong interconnectivity for Kings and Queens of African descent.

I’m hoping the Artist will make a Rhino soon *crosses fingers*


Lion head cuff bracelet where the end of it becomes a nail with a slightly sharp edge.


-Sterling Silver (lost wax casting process)

-Bronze (lost wax casting process)

-Antique patina finishing

-Engraved details: “Veni Vidi Vici”


  • Large 2.75in.
  • Medium 2.5in.
  • Small 2.25in
  • XSmall 1.75in

Adjustable slip-on style, open or close for the right fit.


After 5 years in Italy, the Artist lives and creates in New York. Finally, he has branched out into small-batch, handmade manufacturing right here in the You Ess of Ay. #MadeintheUSA

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Sterling Silver, Bronze


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