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Electric Lip Plumper


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  • NEW LIP AUGMENTATION METHOD: This electric lip enhancer generates vacuum suction, stretches and scales the lips back and forth. Under negative pressure, the blood circulation of the lips is accelerated, and the capillaries are dilated, so as to achieve the effect of massaging the lips.
  • SAFE AND PAINLESS: This non-injection operation, non-use of hyaluronic acid and other chemicals is a safe, non-invasive and painless physical method. Let you have the possibility of slightly curled, full, natural, and sexy lips.
  • SIMPLE AND CONVENIENT TO USE: When using, just press the lip enhancer on the mouth, press the switch, and when the lips feel stretched, turn off the lip enhancer and repeat the use several times. It’s very simple and fast.
  • SMALL SIZE SHIPS FROM USA: This electric lip enhancer is small in size and easy to carry. It can be carried in a bag and used at any time.
  • CONTINUOUS USE MADE IN CHINA: With 3 levels of power type, this product can only be effective if you insist on using it several times a day. Please stick to this product in your leisure time. After using it for a long time, you will gradually have sexy and plump lips. Apply lipstick and you will become the most charming woman!

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